My dream guitar is a Gibson SG. I love the sound, look, and feel of it.

But I also like the Les Paul..

Blaaaaah. I don't know.

Which one do you like more?
Les Paul
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Im more of a les paul man myself. I like the tone better, and the feel to me is just right
Les Paul hands down, 'course I'm a fairly big guy so I don't mind the wieght.

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stroke the furry walls.
SG, love the crunchy tone and so comfortable to play with. Just feels right if you get me
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SG's are lighter and more comfortable to play. I also find that they are "twangier"/treblier. Some SG's have neck dive but most don't. SG's come in double necks. SG's sometimes have bigsby's.

Les Pauls are heavier, more limited fret access usually, more sustain, fuller sound. Thicker necks usually. Burst paint jobs.

EDIT: I love les pauls and have never been able to be comfortable with SG's (or the sound of them). I'm only 13 so les pauls are heavy for me but a good strap and taking breaks eases up the weight...
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i prefer an LP, a black one, with gold hardware. but despite the very obvious weight issue i prefer the necks of a les paul to that of an SG because i find the SG necks just too fat. my hands just can't fret as comfortable as i'd like to.
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Im a Les Paul fan.

SG's are too light.

i also like the shape and available paint jobs on les pauls.

I feel they are more elegant in looks thanks to the curvy shape as well as neck and body binding