there were posters on your bedroom wall, that made me feel uneasy
i could tell you had stuck them up when you were a young teenager
and you hadn't bothered to take them down, or replace them.
i grew a headache staring at the topless young men
with washboard abs, and from squinting to read the small print
'FIT BOYS! star of..' some once popular tv show.
it was too hot in your bedroom, after the seedy love we made
you turned over on your side no more kisses goodnight
and i'm left thinking how it hurts when two people realise
they've crossed the finish line and came in last place,
but how it hurts more when only one person has these thoughts.
i fell asleep as the clouds became filled with soft light
surrounded by pictures of expectations and dreams you once had
but you had to settle for me.
lol i like this one, cuz ppl dont appreciate other ppl as much these days