I am looking for bass players who like or can play these types of music.. ideally i would like to find someone who's playing style is similar... i have many q's i would like to ask you....
heres a little about me:
i am a guitarist and am tired of my very generic backing tracks... when i play guitar i find that a lot of my style comes from the backing music (duh) but the music that i want to play is not the style of the backing tracks....
i can't find any good bassist around me especially ones who enjoy hip hop/metal ish music..
so i thought of maybe buying a bass to create some grooves ... i have some music theory in me and think it would be an easy jump to bass (atleast for what i want)

i want to further my progress and i think the next step is to either get a bass or to ask some bassist who likes this genre some q's... so uh anyone out there
I used to play a lot of KoRn when I first started playing bass in like...2005. But I know a lot of their older songs. I'm very into Nu Metal. What kind of questions do you have?

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In the band I used to be in I played a bit of a Nu-Metal style, I may be able to help you a little.
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sweet, have any of you made some original stuff? (i am trying but its hard with out a band or backing) what i do make up is based on the minor scale ...

i want to explore the genre more. i've been playing guitar for about 3 years and for about 5 or 6 months now i've been trying to really get into theory and am now trying to analyze these bands so i can know how they came up with their music... i've been playing/studying limps guitarist for a couple weeks now.
and am currently trying to make some riffs on top of some music by hollywood undead (since it is angry rap with out a heavy guitar..)
next i was thinking about possibly getting a bass (or bassist ) and making some nice backings (like rolling/sliding arpeggios (i think its what limps bassist does idk tho(one of my questions, techniques of korns and limps bassist))

this is all leading to me being in a band like this, i just want to be sure i am ready and have already explored this style to find how i like to play it.... i plan on my guitar work being similar to limps 1st cd but with more lead work .... similar to the chiodos... i like some of hed pe's non-punk music, and also spineshanks sound on their newest cd self desturction pattern.

heres some q's i have
- techniques limps and korns bassist use that i would have to learn? (ie slapping, triads, etc i haven't tried studying bass yet, so i dont know whats out there.)
- some tips you all have picked up that could help (about bass or playing this style)
- if you have any recordings of you practicing (like playing in a certain key or scale or chord progression) that i can jam to.
- the chords you recognize they used other than 5th chords (power chords) OR maybe some modes you know they play in (i haven't studied much about modes yet, i am saving that lesson for a few more months)

thats all i can think of right now, im sure i have more tho..
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Well, I got a lot of my stuff by listening to bands like Spineshank, August Burns Red, some KoRn and a little Chiodos. Chiodos for the fast up and down the neck stuff along with ABR and KoRn and Spineshank for the finger, pop/slap kinda thing, so I pretty much mixed those genres together to come up with my own band's little Nu Metal. I mean, to practice I used my guitarist's Stringray cause their was a lot of room to pop and slap and I would just practice my scales while popping and slapping. Recording was the hardest part. We had only recorded one song and it was all pop and slap with some sweeping. I only used one pedal, and that was a Tech 21 Sansamp. If you're looking for the KoRn/Deftones sound then you want a Tech 21 and a noise suppressor. Maybe an ODB if you just want a solid distortion like Fieldy does. You also want to use a 5 string, that bottom string really REALLY comes in handy.

I wish I still had our song that I could send to you. But our vocalist went on a rampage and deleted our myspace after we kicked him out.

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Fender MIM Standard Precision Bass (Ginger =])
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Choice is a wonderful thing.
thats what vocalist are good for.... haha ..
i like fieldy's slapping sound (didn't know spineshank slapped) i really like Lbs bassist, sam..
clunk, stalemate, stuck, counterfeit, pollution, and trust, are some of the songs that i
would try to take something from...
(i like how they make the bass a lead part sometimes and when the bass and guitar are playing different notes but it all blends nicely)

this may be a horrible question, but, can i play bass lines on my guitar?
and why was recording so hard if you dont mind me asking (recording would be all i'd do)

i probably wont take it as far as to get a pedal. i have a line 6 spider3 amp (has all kind of distortion) do you know if a bass Will work in it tho?

lastly, what songs would you suggest i take a look at? (for bass lines) (some spineshank songs would be nice, i am about to buy heavier strings so i can stay in some low tunings ..( like A to C#)
Don't use your bass through guitar speakers, it will kill them (headphones are ok though). From what I've heard, Nu-Metal is pretty chuggy, tends to be powerchords mainly, and maybe the Phrygian mode would be suitable?

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thats what i was thinking with modes that and the locrian but i haven't studied modes in depth yet...
and i agree most is chuggy and basic (powerchords), however this is what i hope to get out of (why i like chiodos type sh*T). i like good use of octaves and melody.

(this is the best way i know how to say this) .. i kinda like a "jazz"(very loose) sounding bass.. possibly some extended chords and sliding big intervals to your notes.. and running scales(for fills and such)... but i have never looked into bass so idk how this would sound..

on a side note: can you play a guitar through bass speakerS?
Theory is theory its a matter of how you apply it. I would get a bass first of all and play it and see were it can take you rather then you taking it.
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yea and i would apply the mentioned theory to nu metal.(drone effect and a kind of creepy/twangy feel to it). ..... i would love to buy a bass, any recommendations for me to get, i know I'd want a 5 string and its mainly just for me playing triads and such just for backing tracks. i have a lack of $$ right now so that is why i am just talking it, i want to see if it's worth me spending the cash or just getting some bassist to make me some backings..(what ever is cheapest) it's all to further my Guitar work in nu metal ....