Hey, so i'm new around here and don't know if this is the right area for this.

But anyway I was wondering if anyone had heard of BM Guitars? I hadn't but my cousin is thinking about buying one, if anyone else has got one could they let me know how they've liked it or if they even know anything about the company?
Any help would be great, they make custom guitars, something I've been thinking about getting for a while.

Anyway, just curious about it.
I'm thinking I'm probably going to get one of their title models.

Has anyone got one of these guitars?
I don't but I was looking at buying one
sorry, I can't help more then just saying there's about 3 videos on youtube
BM as in BlackMachine guitars?
They've got a pretty good rep around here.
Theyre also supposed to be of extremely high quality.
They look sexy. I want one.
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thanks, but no I wasn't reffering to BlackMachine Guitars,

these are called Blue Mountain Guitars, there website is www.bmguitars.com, and I don't think they sell through stores
Looks fake when you go to order, theres no actual pictures and it's created on a free website.

Stay away.
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Too late lol,

well not for me, but my cousin ordered one yesterday.
They've already sent him pics about the progress on his guitar.

I'll probably wait until I see his though before I make my decision.

But so I guess no one else has one of these?
Oh have they, well they could be fakes, or real. You never know.
I Like Orange......

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Yeah well I'll find out from my cousin I guess. He seems pretty excited though cuz he goes on about there customer service (he's doing a package where they work together to design his guitar).

Anyway, I'm looking forward to seeing his.
thanks guys.