As Kamikaz1_k said, Iron Maiden is probably the most well known band like this. Lynyrd Skynyrd also has three guitarists.
Skynyrd had three, most of the time. The Outlaws had three, they were called the "Guitar Army". More recently, the Drive-By Truckers had/have three too. I'll be back if I think of any more.
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The Eagles

some of Brand New's songs have three distinct guitars happening at the same time (Sowing Season is the best example of this). They have a third guitarist live.
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Spelringsteen and the e steer band have like 4, but I'm not sure they really count cause the all just play open chords 99 percent of the time.
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Switchfoot did at one point. not sure if they still do.

They still do: Jon Foreman, Jerome Fontamillas, and Drew Shirley.
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