She said son
Don't keep your hat next to your father's
When the wind comes in
Don't think yourself a martyr

Said mama never did no harm
Never had no reason to fault her
Boy you better grease that gun
Don't want poor ma to sob here

Saddle up and chase the sun

Said prose never gave me one thing
The mourning trail is my poet now
My cheek's in a Texas flood
But I guess it's just my problem

Saddle up and chase the sun

My ears got empty hands
But there ain't a sound to catch here
Maybe mama don't miss me none
But now it don't make a difference

The sky's got a dying breath
I think its lungs are falling
One prayer for the last good man
But I know it won't do me no good

Won't do me no good
I like it!

First stanza, great. Especially like the last 2 lines.

Second stanza... I'll admit I've never had a gun but "grease that gun" sounds awkward to me. Maybe I'm in the minority on that one.

Saddle up, I like.

I think "I guess it's just my problem" doesn't quite flow with the earlier lines, for me, the ending lines in the previous stanzas didn't necessarily rhyme, but they sounded smoother than this line, I think.

I really like "ears god empty hands...". Same as above for "doesn't make a difference", doesn't quite flow, but maybe it does the way you've written it and I just can't hear it.

Last bit, great, no complaint.

Keep it up.