I've been asked to play a few songs for my grandfather's funeral. One or two need to be an instrumental type of thing. I was wondering if anyone could help me out some...I haven't done an instrumental gig in a while This won't be at the funeral, as he's being cremated. It'll be more of a memorial service type of thing.

But anyways, I was thinking maybe a Tommy Emmanuel song. Something like Angelina? I'm still looking for some stuff, but I would really appreciate some suggestions.

Thanks in advance!
Do an acoustic version of George Harrison's "All Things Must Pass"

Jim James from My Morning Jacket did an emotional one on his George Harrison tribute EP.
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Not sure how except-able it would be. But, if you think it would be good. Play the farewell ballad by Zakk Wylde. I know I would want that played at my funeral service.
Thanks for the suggestions and well wishes. He had been suffering for a while, so I'm just glad he's not suffering anymore.

He was big into anything I could come up with. He was a big music lover. I think I may try some Andy Mckee stuff for the instrumental. I just need to get to practicing.
I really liked All Things Must Pass cover. I love Monsters of Folk, so that's right up my alley. If you guys have any more suggestions (particularly instrumentals), I would love to hear them.
Nothing Else Matters-Metallica
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When my father died, he had a list of songs he wanted... "Simple Man" and the slower part of Freebird were on his list. A lot of it depends on your grandfather and what you feel would be fitting.
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Still got the blues by Gary Moore? Thats a powerful song,

If I were you, Id play something that your grandad loved.
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