do you use a distortion pedal and just turn it off, or do you roll down the volume to a low level?
Change channels on my amp, or roll off the volume. Depends if I want clean cleans or dirty cleans.
Just switch to the clean channel?

How else would you?
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depends on the song but usually ill turn of the distotion pedal of lower the volume on the guitar
the volume know is more likely though causeim too lazy to press the button
By using 2 different amps. I use a peavey windsor for distortion, and a crate palomino for cleans. I would like to get an FJA mod done on my windsor so I can have a clean channel without carrying around a second amp.
I just hit the foot switch and switch to a clean channel. If I want dirty cleans I just leave the distortion on and roll the volume back on the guitar.
I like slightly dirty cleans. On the Clean Channel, my EQ is... Gain: 6 Volume: 4 Bass: 5 Treble: 8.5 If I want to clean it up a bit, I just roll the volume on my guitar a bit
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Quote by Arterial
i never use dirty cleans, its always exclusively distortion or clean.

Second that.

I hit the footswitch, my clean and distortion are on seperate channels - and have different eq knobs. I have them both set to how I like them.

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Dirty cleans are awesome, you can just roll the volume knob back and get a 90/10 clean tone. But when you dig in with the pick you get the extra grit and a gnarly emphasis on the part you're playing
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