So I have a Peavey Vypyr 15W modeling amp... It's nice for just goofing off and practicing, but as soon as I want to try and do any type of performace, it's kinda pansy-ish... Which is to be expected, I mean, it's only a 15W. Anyway, I was thinking about moving up to like a 75W or something around there (without spending an insane amount of money).

Does anyone have a suggestion or preference? (I'm a hobbiest for the most part, but I still want some "umph" in my amp.)

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A 75w Vypyr?

Don't do it. it will just be a louder version of what you have now. If you generally like the tone/operation of your Vypyr 15 and want more umph then I strongly suggest the Vypyr 60 with power tubes. I just think the amp sounds a lot better in that configuration.

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wattage doesnt mean anything. 15 watt tiny terror has plenty of umph. its your speaker that will give you presence and umph. budget?
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ANh... I see... Well, my budget is $300ish. I don't know a whole lot about amps or what to look for in them.
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what genre's do you play
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wee realy need to know what you play before we make any solid recommendations, but...

the only decent tube amps in that range to look for would be some used fender, maybe a blues jr, or pro jr., or maybe a peavey classic 30, or maybe a 1x12" peavey valveking (they need some work to get them to sound good though. speaker swap, eq and a OD to boost, but most of that could be in your budget). laney may have some options used, but i am unfamiliar with their amps.
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im having the same problem. i am starting a band doing nirvana, 3 days grace, RED, covers. i have a line6 spider3 15watt. i like the amp it just doesnt have the tone im looking for. im looking at some hughes and kettner amps myself :p