Originally I wanted a hot rod deluxe for my next amp but I recently looked up some videos of the Vox AC30cc2 and it sounds great. It's more expensive than the hot rod but it seems to me to be worth it. I play mostly classic rock. Journey, Queen, Van Halen, and Boston are bands I love to cover. Would the Vox be a pretty good fit for that and would it be worth shelling out a few hundred more dollars?
HRD has good cleans and crappy drive. Personally I don't think they're worth what they cost new.

The Vox sounds great clean and distorted, but keep in mind it's loud as balls. I'm not sure it'll do the Van Halen thing well without an OD pedal or treble booster.

Maybe consider Jet City? The 100w head or combo will do all of those bands and more.
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i like fender cleans but the ac30 wins it for me you might need an overdrive or boost for the halen stuff though
id favor the vox. fenders are over rated. it sounds like youre more into british esque sounds anyway. if im looking at the right amp, the vox has el84? theyre pretty much a smaller version of the el34, less headroom. they sound great in my jet city.
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get the vox im gettin the voxac30h2l and it is amazing
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well, i have a HRD, and i really regret not getting a Vox. the drive on the HRD sounds so flaccid and sterile. great cleans though.
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get the vox im gettin the voxac30h2l and it is amazing

Nice to see you came to a decision skagasm, those amps sound fantastic

On topic, go vox. It's cleans are fantastic, it's crunch is fantastic and it's full on overdrive is good (but can be made better with a pedal)

The hot rod has nice cleans....
You know the answer already. Just buy the AC30 already.
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