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What are you working towards? What qualifications, future job etc?

I'm at Uni doing a Bachelor of Commerce degree. I'm majoring in Accounting, so it should set me up for a big big salary when I'm older. The end goal is to be a Chartered / Freelance Accountant.

How about you guys?
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I kinda want to get a doctorate in history, most likely British history.
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I never plan anything so I am just going to see where the future takes me.
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I'm going to be applying to Cambridge, Imperial College, MIT, Caltech, and Stanford.

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I have a dream...

To have a dream...

One day, dream.. You will be mine..

EDIT: Serious answer
I honestly want to plan nothing, I just want to take everything as it comes, see where life brings me. I haven't had my first job yet (Though I'm trying) and I really don't see myself furthering my education (I have my GED, so no sense in doing more )..
My hopes (Plans, to a degree..) are to be living on my own by next summer, maybe even have a roommate or two, and have a steady income from a job. Pretty much my hopes right now are to just start my life.
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Music major. Planning at least on a Masters. Ideal profession: College Professor or teacher.

My dream profession would be a composer, writing music for a living. Or releasing albums and shit, maybe having a nice little name for myself in Electronic music like Ochre or Boards Of Canada. But you can't hope for miracles.
The world ends in 2 years. Why would I care? 2012 motherfuckers.

But seriously, I have no idea. I'm about to be majoring in Commercial Music at a community college, but mainly to learn music theory and piano, as I doubt it will really get me anywhere in life.
I'll be starting college in the fall. I selected my major as Journalism, realizing afterwards that I have no idea what I would do with such a degree.

The only thing I could really see myself doing is something in comedy, such as being a writer for a television show, but I have no idea where to begin.
Going to Baylor Uni in the fall, Im thinking a major in Music and Entertainment Marketing with the idea of going into a career marketing for companies that sell guitars or guitar related products. Might do a minor in Entreprenurship, History, Public Relations/Advertsing, Communication Studies, or History, whatever tickles my fancy later on
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Music major. Planning at least on a Masters. Ideal profession: College Professor or teacher.

My dream profession would be a composer, writing music for a living. Or releasing albums and shit, maybe having a nice little name for myself in Electronic music like Ochre or Boards Of Canada. But you can't hope for miracles.

Don't put yourself down, Arbiter's Ground really is fantastic stuff, and quite frankly it can only get better right?

As for me, I want to be an entertainer. I don't know how, I just want to make people react to me. I want to act, sing, dance, and everything really.
I'm getting a degree in Music Theory, and I want to score tv shows/films, produce electronic music, and play in a band full time

So yeah, I don't know how that'll pan out
anything that doesn't require me to leave the house and makes me a lot of money.

maybe running a brothel.

in reality, I want to write something epic, but I'm just to lazy. I can see myself living in a shabby, pitch black studio somewhere, eating cup noodles and hunched over a keyboard.
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Don't put yourself down, Arbiter's Ground really is fantastic stuff, and quite frankly it can only get better right?
Thanks, and I hope so. Maybe it is more plausible since IDM isn't as popular as other Electronica like House or Trance.
I've no idea...

I'm 21 going back to school after my longer than anticipated 'gap year', I flip and flop like the footwear.

thinking of just moving to another country...I'm sick of the simplicity and mindlessness of my life atm. work...aqcuire currency...spend currency on superficial object...spend night getting wasted....wake up next morning feeling none the better...repeat.

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Be either a clinical psychologist or a psycological pathologist, not quite sure which yet but i have been trying to go through the first 3 courses of an open uni degree in criminology and psychological studies to see which i prefer but time and money is the problem so il probably end up working in call centres all my life

I don't really see music as a way forward for me as i just can't seem to find band mates with the same mind set as me let alone ones who want to do both covers and write music that isn't just breakdown after flaming breakdown lol so yeah call centre it probably is lol
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i plan on majoring in electrical engineering, physics, or chemistry. im leaning more towards chemistry but i'm not sure i can get a job with a chemistry degree.
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I'm already a qualified engineer, and own a home, so I'd say my future plans involve working my way up both my career and the ICE, so I can earn more money, and better support a family in the near future.
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Getting my degree in Computer Science, wife, and kids. Simple as that.
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My dream future is to do noting, have no responsibility, and chill back for my whole life.

But in reality, I have to work. Maybe something in science like biology.
Becoming a good guitarist and as a job, guitar tech or something related to guitar/music/electronics.
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At community college, hoping to be at a University by this time next year. Hoping to have a Wrangler, and a Schecter Blackjack around this time next year as well. All hinges on a job really. And that's gonna be when Fall semester starts. I'm also hoping to be much better at programming and be over a certain female.

God my future sucks.
This ends now, eat the goddamn beans!
Going back to college in September, starting again in first year BIS. My main aim is to properly stick to that course, keep on top of things and come out in 4 years with as good a degree as i can.

Outside of that, im kind of toying with the idea of next summer, doing a volunteer programme teaching english in peru, i just dont know will i be able to afford it.
Do my optometry degree, get a job, find me a lady. Make genetically superior German-Scottish babies and maybe own a partnership.

Travel the world. And also own a jetpack.
... No further education (doing Atheneum right now, which is comparable to the British A-levels or highschool with high grades and advanced classes, so I'm told), and try gigging..

Or go to the Rockacadamy in Tilburg (Southern city in the Netherlands). Trying to get me a career in music anyways, which I'll probably fail at.

In that case, I'd love to become a luthier's apprentice or just work at a music store.
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uhm...get signed, meet a girl that i can settle down the world and meet all my friends on here.

and maybe have a kid???

im not sure on the kid thing yet...just for the fact that ill break a vase or something and blame it on them...yeahhh
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I have no future.

I used to think that too. But really, just think abo-

Never mind, we don't have a future whatsoever.
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Music or art, or ideally both. I'm shite at everything else. I'm in the middle of recording a demo, once I've done that I'll think about getting a band together. And I'm looking to get into an art school.
I start uni next month. shooting for a bachelors or masters in Biochemistry/Business to one day become an orthodontist with my own practice. its not necessarily something I want to do, but I had to pick it for a project in class, and I sort of ran with it and now its a plan that doesn't sound so bad. ($130,000/year out of college, hello!)

I would like to move to Los Angeles as that is the biggest rave city in the U.S. I am very immersed in the culture of raving and electronic music. I love it, and I'm very passionate about it. I would say that moving to the Netherlands (rave capital of the world) would be a goal of mine, but thats extremely improbable, ya know? maybe I'll visit someday for Qlimax or DefQon or something. that would be cool. nobody will read this!!
I'm soon to start senior years of school, then I'm planning to go to Uni and do a Bachelor of Arts Graphic Design, and/or Bachelor of Arts French. I want to either become a graphic designer or do something with languages like translating, subtitling, maybe even teaching languages.
BA Fine Art, woo!
never going to pay off my debt, probably end up with a minimum wage job that has nothing to do with art
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