i am 15 and a lead metal guitarist looking for another guitarist near carey or findley ohio that plays metal. i am trying to form a band with a friend that is amazing at bass haha (i play bout 6 to 9 hours a day and very dedicated)me and him are heavily influenced by lamb of god children of bodom megadeth alot of thrash death and groove metal and write our own music and cover some so we would like a guitarist that cane write rythme parts and that is a good dedicated guitarist and also band member and is in the age of 14 to 16 and that can also practice at least once a week.... so if you want to contact me or have any questons send me a message or txt my # 419 957 5337

also my gear

guitars:dean dave mustain signature v,ibanez gio,and 1989 gibson les paul

amps: ibanez tbx150r 150wtt combo amp and i dont use pedals dont need them yet

picks:dunlop 1.0mm tortex pick