I play more of a hardcore/metal style of music, so I'm looking for an amp that can do what I need it for

I've decided I'll be going with Bugera

Is the Bugera 6262 best, or should I go with the 333XL?

Or the plain 333? Or the 6260

So many choices, I want your guy's opinions on these amps!
333/XL will have better cleans, and is the more versatile IMO...626x is more of a metal machine. Unless you can find a place to play one...go play the peavey amps that they're cloning to see which fits you better.

333/333XL - peavey XXX/JSX (3120 is peavey's current XXX, with EL34 tubes, most shops should have one in stock if they don't have a XXX or JSX)

6260/6262 - peavey 5150-6505/5150II-6505+ (most shops should have a 6505 or 6505+ in stock)