The Loop: Curing Time

We don't need a cure, just some understanding
The motives unclear, you've become demanding
Your bitter heart can't get much harder
And soul less ways don't make a martyr

You're a villain, with people you enable
No shadow of doubt, when you turn that table
Just crown thyself and press rewind
History repeats and they close their eyes

The fluid moments don't seem so seamless
With vivid memories of a tyrant extremist
A tragedy in the making, seems worse than the act
The card counter knew, but the deck was stacked

Careless ways make for a bleak ending
When even heroes become condescending
Dare to be heard, after that battle is won
You're still a number, just not number one

Time's just a ripple, a change in tide
it does get calm, if but a small while

Umm...pretty much just a poem that came off the top of my head. Could be a song I reckon. Just pick away at it, not quite sure where I was going with it.
Only one word describing the whole lyrics: Perfect!

I loved this, read and read again. It has a perfect harmony! I loved the phase "You're still a number, just not number one".

I hope one day I can write lyrics like this.
Well thank you hatean. I wouldn't ever say that any lyrics or pieces I write are perfect, but it is always humbling when someone does think so.

I hope you can too. Just immerse yourself in the subject at hand and it generally just comes out. A rhyme dictionary is a huge help and using play on words. Next time ya post something I'll be sure to check it out. Even if it's crap go ahead and put it on here, the vast majority of everyone on here will help ya out and aren't too negative. And then everyone can see ya grow as a writer and mature.