i re-strung my A&L Folk Cedar with new Martin Marquis Silk and Steel strings (the same ones it had before). To re-string i used the method recommended here: restringing - frets.com

After i was done, i noticed a couple of things:

1- There's a tiny little bit of buzz on the A string on fret 10 (i think it was 10)
2- When playing the low E string open and then hammering on the 12th fret (or any of the upper frets, for that matter), there's strong but short buzz before it rings crearly. Is this normal?

I did my best to follow the instructions. I did notice that sometimes it was hard to push the bridge pins 100% down, a couple came out about 1mm after tuning the string. I also noticed the bridge saddle has little "worn in slots" on the places where the strings have contact with it, same thing on the nut. But they're less than 1mm, so im guessing it doesn't make much of a difference (BTW, the A&L Folk has Tusq nut and saddle).

Also, i read somewhere about a truss rod adjustment being needed after restringing.

Any thoughts on all this?

Did you get a different gauge?

I went from mediums to lights and got buzzing from that.
If you just put them on today I would give it some time to settle, maybe a day ( that is just my opinion on the time frame, some will say 15 minutes ).

Then you should have to adjust your neck to compensate the lighter ( if that's what you got ) strings. You will want you loosen it maybe an 1/8 of a turn at a time, if that till you get your desired effect.

This may be just me but the silk and steels seem to be more of a wobbly string, who knows maybe less tension or just what they are made out of and the vibration is contacting the frets. Though it doesn't make much sense if you put the same type on unless you got a different gauge. Than again I am no Guitar tech , but I do fix my own problems that my guitar has.
It had the exact same Martin Marquis Silk & Steels before, same gauge and everything (they only come in that one gauge, i think).

We've been having very extreme temperatures around here, though, maybe the neck could use a little adjustment.

Is a truss rod adjustment (by a tech) expensive? Never done it before.
it's more likely to be a humidity issue. do you have a hygrometer where you keep your guitar, and if so, do you know how accurate it is?

no, it's not expensive, and you can do it yourself. head on over to frets.com to find out how. first it might be a good idea to make sure the humidity where your guitar is is between 40% and 60%/
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usually i give my guitar strings a day to set in. in the first 1 or 2 days they require repeated tuning. and after that its a breeze.

as for the buzzing, why dont you wait a day or two before tinkering with the truss rod?