This isn't my band, but a friend's band who I offered to set up this thread for.

Deity are a metal band from Chichester, UK, who are influenced by such bands as As I Lay Dying, All That Remains, Devildriver, Killswitch Engage, Machine Head, Metallica, Pantera, Trivium and Unearth, and have been compared to bands like Malefice and Sylosis.

Here is a link to their Myspace page.

They've released an EP titled 'In Anticipation of the Storm' which is available on iTunes and has recieved a 10/10 rating from Ultimate Reviewer. I think the songs are really great.

Altsounds.com gave this review:

"Deity have crafted an absolutely belting début EP that could easily and with any luck see them rise through the UK underground and join the likes of Sylosis and Malefice in the big leagues of the UK metal scene. I predict big things for these guys."

They are set to play Gedfest in Petersfield, UK on the 24th July alonside Malefice, Bleed From Within and Matrtyr Defiled.

Also, they will be recording their new single 'The Betrayal' at Studio 6 in Swindon, UK from August 23th to the 25th. Other bands to have recorded there include The Seventh Cross,Eternal Lord, Azriel, Annotations Of An Autopsy, Bring Me The Horizon, Ingested, Post Mortem Promises, Heart In Hand, Brutality Will Prevail, Tides Of ...Virtue, This Distance, 50 Caliber and My Cross To Bare.
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