Wondered if anyone could help me. I have an ESP LTD EC-1000 and i am having a bit of trouble with my volume pot. When i turn the volume up or down i get alot of crackling noise and it is getting considerably worse. i had a look at the electronics and there doesnt appear to be any loose wires and it all seems to be soldered quite solidly. The guitar is about 18months old but it has always been looked after quite well. does any one know what could be causing this?

The pot is probably dirty. Buy some electronic cleaning spry and put some on the pot so it gets in there and give it a few turns. Should clean it up.
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yeah, what petterblo said.
just get some contact cleaner and spray a bit into the notch on the pot.
turn, turn, turn, and voila!

i've got some Servisol Super 10.
cheers guys. i will check that out now. now i have the name of a product it makes it easier aswell.