I'm currently looking to upgrade my electric, as my old one is no longer up to standard.
I was wondering, would it be more effective or wiser, to spend 1.2-2g Aussie dollars on a brand new electric, or get the parts/equipment and build one - considering I've never built a guitar, and all I know how to do is solder.

That being said, I would get wood/hardware of similar standard to that of a 2g electric, aftermarket pups, high grade wood, schaller tuners, bone nut etc.

If I were to build it, I would take it seriously.

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Sinking that much money into your first ever build probably isn't wise, considering you're wanting to play it and there's no guarantee that it will be completely playable.
That being said, if you think you're up for it, go for it! Building is much more fun and a much better experience. That being said, I think you should probably do a practice build with cheap woods first just so you can see where your abilities are.
If you do decide to build, keep us posted!
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