I've got this cheap Washburn W114 and I'm thinking about buying active EMG-81 pickups. Humbucking fo sho. Is this a good idea? I mean, cheap sucky guitar and wonderful pickups... And I'm not sure if it fits, because I've never changed pickups on a guitar before.

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It depends. I think you need to look at the quality of the component pieces of a guitar before you start pouring money into it. It would be pretty stupid forking out hundreds of pounds on pickups if the neck was a piece of shit.

So yeah, I guess my question would be is the guitar playable? Is the neck comfortable? Do the tuning posts hold the tuning?
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It should fit. If you don't like it, you can always put it in another guitar - no harm done.
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Too much hassle for a cheap guitar, even if it plays okay. Get Irongear Steamhammers at about £25 each if you want a decent sound for metal.
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Giver.. I mean If you think the guitar is worth it why not? If you want to do it. You can alway take them out after or whatever.
yeah true, I can always put them into a new, better guitar if I want to

Thank you all ;D
I would save the money for a better guitar......
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I think the better question is; what amp are you using?

No point in sinking money into the guitar if you're running through something shitty like a spider or MG
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