I want to spread myself
like a blanket, over you.
I'd like to be your shelter
and how i'd love to be your bed
the roof above your head
the floor under your feet
a wall to keep you safe
a door to set you free.

take me with you,
every day,
every way is good for me
i'll follow you,
as you allready took my heart
I don't much like the change of subject between the first verse (I'll be your shelter) and the second verse (you have my heart; take the rest). This kind of thing might work better if the second verse were a chorus, instead, and you had more shelter verses.

Also, the subject matter is a bit cliched, although that can work, too, if you add something new to it. Specifically, though, the jazz song "All of Me" does exactly the same thing your second verse does, and it does so in a way that will be hard to compete with.

wow that's romantic. Great stuff dude. I need to take lessons from you. I specially like the way you have created an imaginary world out from the lyrics of the song. Frankly if this song is complimented with some great music it's gonna be a biggie. i cannot wait to see this song complete as soon as possible.