From the depths of Hell, Satan himself has crafted a bass with a blasphemous action that will make your head explode just staring at it (imagine playing it!).

Enough of that. I've attached a "pro" photoshop image showing you my wonderful action on my BC Rich Warlock. I'm hopeless at adjusting the action, so I'm going to need you guys to explain very kindly how I should do this. Also, the strings are bloody tense... Why!? BTW I might post this on TalkBass.

Oh, and NO you won't die. I was joking.
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i'd be interesting in seeing the size of your nut(s)

My bass is just like that.
I only use it for recording though. It was a really cheap one, that came with an amp and everything. So it is a starter pack I suppose.
..I was watching my death.
Lower the bridge?
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Quote by Kanthras
Lower the bridge?

So it's the bridge that only needs doing? 'Cause I've read about how to neck has to be configured or something too.
Hold down the string at the first fret and the fret that touches the body. The space at around the 7th ish fret shouldnt be touching the string, but not too far away (less than a mm). If its really off, tighten the truss rod. Otherwise, lower each saddle.

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All helpful answers (thank you) but you're all saying something different... Anyway carry on answering!
look at the bottom picture in the image you posted..

the neck looks like it's got quite a bow in it, and tightening the truss rod'll help that.

if you've still got issues it'll pobably be because of the bridge height or nut height. but..start with the truss rod when you're necks that bowed
So, just attempted at tightening the truss rod. Failed. It won't move and I'm too scared to grab a spanner and show the bass who's the strongest (I read that forcing is bad).

I really need this done even more then when I posted this. I've got an audition with a band soon, and it's quite demanding the song I'm supposed to learn.

did you take the strings off when you were trying to tighten it? just to get some wore room to work..

and how hard did you try turning it? obviously don't put like, all your strength into it, but sometimes they can be prettty sticky if they havent been adjusted in forever
Quote by james4

did you take the strings off when you were trying to tighten it? just to get some wore room to work..

and how hard did you try turning it? obviously don't put like, all your strength into it, but sometimes they can be prettty sticky if they havent been adjusted in forever

I took the strings off and I turned it strong enough. I'm afraid that I might have to take it in to the pro's. Either that or I'm getting a new bass, I can't stand this one anymore.
as for the tense strings change the gauge?
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Finish setting it up before you start thinking about string gauge. Once you know how to adjust the truss rod and saddles it will be a doddle to do it again if you decide to radically change gauge. make sure it's actually worth buying strings for. Until you set it up you can't know. It may be only useful as firewood.
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Quote by LeviMan_2001
If you really can't get that truss rod loose, try loosening it first. perhaps it's just stuck and loosening it first (just to break it loose, not like totally unscrewed) would break it loose? Then of course, tighten it to where it should be.

Didn't work. Starting to really piss me off now. I can't believe a ****ing bass is holding me back from playing properly.
It's a Warlock Bronze. Shit.

This may sound really stupid, but maybe changing the nut height would help?

Also, I tried lowering the bridge but the screws got quite loose only by turning them a bit.
changing the nut and bridge height might do a little bit.. but neither of those things will change the fugly bow your neck has in it, unfortunately

if you want to try changing to a lighter gauge of strings, it'll help take a little bit of bow out of the neck and give you lighter string tension..might not be perfect, but it's a start
I'll take it in to the store, will they have it done like on the spot or do I have to wait? If they wont do it there then I wont bother 'till I've played (failed) in the audition.
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since noone can answer what?

we're giving the best answers we can without being there in person to see it, man...

and it'll depend on what shop you take it to, when the tech's in, and how busy they are.
my bet is that they won't do work immediately though.
also, if you can't move the truss rod adjustment at all, the tech won't be able to do much either, without doing some more major work..

my suggestion of changing to lighter strings is still on the table, since it'll relieve some of the tension thats bowing the neck, as well as give you lighter string tension. the only problems may be that
a) the strings aren't much lighter and dont fix much of the bow
b) the strings are too loose and because of the cheaper quality of the bass, you get alot of fret buzz
Truss rod needs severe adjustment. I've dealt with rubber necks like this before... they can be a real bitch. Take the strings off, remove the neck from the body and find a place where you can support it on both ends and slowly clamp it in the middle. a little pressure every day for a few days and while you're making SLIGHT adjustments to the clamp, try to turn the truss rod nut to accomodate for the bow you're putting into the neck. It will take some time for the wood fibers to adjust so again do it SLOW. if that doesn't work, you're basically f*ked unless it's a standard neck pocket... then you could just buy a replacement neck through like allparts or something.

but don't be a dick. everyone is trying to help you.
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Thank you very much. But I'm going to sell my bass and invest in a new one. I just wanted it sorted or "playable" for this Sunday. But it sounds hellishly expensive and really not worth it. I'll probably sell it to Cash Converters or maybe someone stupid enough to buy it off of me.

... I imagined myself chucking it into the sea like in Jumanji so no one has to wield this curse anymore.