I've decided I need to work on my picking timing (well, actually, timing in general, picking just seemed like the best place to start), and I started at quarter notes at 50 bpm. I was wondering if I should work my way up in quarter notes ie. quarter notes at 51, 52, 53, etc.... or get quarter notes, the eighth notes and sixteenth notes down at 50, before moving up to 51, and getting them all there and moving up again.

Which would be the best way to do it?

Many thanks.
Doesn't matter. The key to progress isn't so much "what you do" but "doing what you spend your time on correctly", with metronome work like that you'll probably want to mix it up to keep from getting bored and sloppy.
I would say, once you've gotten quarter notes at 50 bpm down, move onto 8th notes at 50 bpm. Once those are down, do 16th notes at 50bpm.

At this point, moving all the way to 32nd notes at 50bpm is a bit ridiculous, so I would say you could move your metronome to a faster tempo (so long as it isn't a huge jump, like 200 bpm) and start back at quarter notes and progress upward again.

Good luck.
Work on all the note durations before increasing the speed. And don't increase it by just 1 bpm. That's useless and will take forever. When you increase it by one, you're shortening each beat by 1/60th of a beat. That's negligible. Try 5 or even 10 bpm.
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