As the title says, this is my cover of Megadeth's "Lucretia", remastered from a previous version.

I never finished adding the final Dave Mustaine solo at the end. It was never my intent to concentrate on the solos for most of my recordings. I'm more concerned with the overall mixing and EQing and shit of the drums/guitars/bass...ect. I just ended up throwing in the solos in the end of most of my recordings. So that's my excuse for shitty solos. Haha

If anyone has any comments on the mixing and mastering, shoot! I'd love to hear some comments.

Here's my setup...
Shredsuite quad tracked 100/80/80/100 with 2 different amps each side with one amp EQed with scooped mids.
EZDrummer's Drumkit from Hell expansion's Death kit, all panned, EQed and compressed per piece.
Bornemark's Broomstick bass' Rickenbacker 4001, EQed, no compression. (a little too loud in the final mix imo , oh well, to be fixed later) Fixed!

Hope you enjoy!

Ps: leave a link to your thread for C4Cing, thanks very much!

PS: I also uploaded a remastered version of Holy Wars, if anyone would like to comment. Thanks in advance.

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Very nice dude. Sounds like you spent a lot of time dialing in that guitar tone. Sounds awesome.
Both were excellent, though in Lucretia I'd turn the bass down a smidgen.
Quote by Matt420740
...Sounds like you spent a lot of time dialing in that guitar tone. Sounds awesome.

Thanks, but now I'm curious why you say that?

I actually did spend enough time trying out different things, until I finally found something that I find works pretty good for a "Master of Puppets" type chunky guitar tone.

I record one rhythm guitar track, pan it 80% left. I record a second rhythm track, pan it 80% right, obviously. I EQ both tracks to a simple rock guitar setting with a nice, loud mid-range.
Then I duplicate both tracks, pan them 60%, left and right.
I EQ these second tracks with very scooped mids and set the overall volume for them a little louder than the original tracks(with the high mid-ranges). Even though the volume is louder on the duplicated tracks, the mids are so scooped that the volume turns out almost equal for both tracks.

When I first tried it this way, I found it gave the guitars a very nice surround effect, with the mids being nice and loud, but with a scooped out effect.

The percentage of the pan can be played with, obviously, but 80/60-60/80 is a good starting point IMO. I usally pan the more dominant/louder track the most.

Like I said, even though my duplicate track has a higher decibal level, the scooped mids make it sound not as loud, so the first track is always "louder".

Anyway, just thought I'd share that.
Glad you enjoyed, and thanks for the crit.