The serial number is H021236..
The H might be an 11, but I'm pretty sure it's a H.

The year doesn't need to be exact, I was just wondering how old the guitar is.
Any pics? Of the guitar itself and/or of the serial #? If not, just going by Fender's designation, sounds like a 2002. But their serial numbers usually don't start like that.. What kind of strat is it?
does it say made in japan? or any indication of the country of mfg?

becky's probably right as usual is my guess, unless it says MIA or whatnot.
It didnt register for an MIM or MIA serial.

It should say Made In Japan/Crafted in Japan either on the headstock somewhere, or at the heel of the neck at the back where it joins the body.

If its MIJ Fender consider yourself lucky, theyre pretty well saught after (esp 80s models) and are great players, very comparible or even better than modern american fenders.