MxPx announced that they would be playing one last show, here in Las Vegas, before thier founjding drummer Yuri Ruley.

MxPx Statement

So last night, for about 350 guests, they play Life In General... The whole album
They took a quick break and came back for several more songs, including various covers and memerable favorites.

I was 14 when Life In General came out. I listened to it constantly ever since, because it's fun, it's simple and it's comforting.

This was a great night to share with some of my best friends.
I'm working on writing up a full review of the show.
Sad to see em go, MxPx were never one of my favorite pop punk bands but I did slowly catch on to them and I have to say they were pretty solid. They put on a fun show when I saw them at Warped a few years back. That's sick that you got to see the last show
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