Hello everyone !

Looking for a guitar for the price of $ 200 +/-. I prefer blues-rock, psychedelic rock, folk rock, rock and roll( the bands / artists: The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Eric Clapton, JJ Cale, Deep Purple, Bob Dylan)
And what do you know?
Thanks in advance for your help and your opinions.
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Do you need an amp as well? Or do you already have one?

Are you willing to buy used, or do you want it brand spanking new?
Squier Classic Vibe, or MIM Strat. They might be more towards $300 assuming you are buying used. What about an amp?
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I need amp but i have other money for it. Yes i wanna brand new guitar.
300$ is to much for me
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Squier Strat with a humbucker at the bridge (HSS). Squier is like Fender's budget brand.

You can also get "beginner" packages that include an amp. They aren't fabulous, but are great for beginners on a tight budget. Worth looking at anyways.

What's you budget for an amp?
I have about 40$ +/- for amp. (can you suggest something?)
Squier Bullet Fender its good ?
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Easy... look into the Agiles at rondomusic.net look into the AL-2000. the 2000 serious comparable to the epiphone les pauls, the 3000 are comparable to low end gibsons. I got a 2000 and swapped the pups (wanted a different tone thats all) and now I got a $350 guitar that sounds great and can take a beating.
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Squier Bullet Fender its good ?


Under no circumstances should you ever by a Squier Bullet. Mine was a gift, and now it sits in the closet collecting dust. I would have taken it apart for the parts, but it's parts are not even worth it.

A lot of the time any Squier Stratocaster other than a Deluxe, Vintage Modified or Classic Vibe series, isn't very good. However, you can get lucky with a nice Standard Series, and VERY VERY VERY lucky finding an acceptable Affinity Series. But I wouldn't bet money on it.

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Easy... look into the Agiles at rondomusic.net ... I got a $350 guitar that sounds great and can take a beating.

This is true for the most part, but the only problem with Agile's is that they have little to no resale value. You can easily get back about $100US from selling a Squier guitar, you're lucky to get 1/2 that from a Agile.
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buy a beginner pack, 240 for a guitar and amp will get you nowhere
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He has 240 and needs to buy a brand new guitar AND amp. You guys are not being very hepful by suggesting guitars in the 300-400 dollar range. Even the Squire Deluxe is out of his budget dude.

At 240, an Affinity Squire Strat and a used amp is the best he's gonna get. There are other guitars out there that are cheap, but this is the best for the price. IMO...

Hell even the Affinity Squire + Amp guitar package is over 300...

Best advice you're gonna hear is to buy used dude.
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I bought my first electric in a pack, with an amp, a wire, everything. It cost me ~240$, but since a friend's father owned the shop I got a discount to that price. Original price was 300$. I got an Oscar Schmidt guitar, unsure of the model and a relatively small amp, also Oscar Schmidt, which is probably a OA5, judging by the digits at the corner of the amp.
It also had a DVD included. Imo, unless you have contacts, you should save up just a little more money. Or, if you can already find something cheaper, go for it, if you really want it.
The pack guitar witch amp its good ? No better to buy separately ?
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But everybody wants you
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You'd probably want a modeling amp that has a few different sounds, like distortion for rock. Just keep in mind that in your price range, it's gonna be a little thing that sounds like a tin can.

You really may want to go to a pawn shop and have a look around. Or better yet, go to a guitar shop and just ask the guys there.
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The pack guitar witch amp its good ? No better to buy separately ?

The bottom line is you need an Electric Guitar and a practice amp.
"Good" (I use that term loosely) Guitars run about $250+
"Good" (again; loosely) practice amps run about $100-200

The Squier Affinity Value pack comes with a passable Guitar (Affinity Series Stratocaster) and a passable amp (Fender Front Man 10G) and is about $250US (GCP). That said, if you have a Phillips head screwdriver, the appropriate sized Allen wrench, and a new pack of strings, you can 'set up' the guitar yourself and make it almost on par with much better guitars.

Honestly, in your price range, the only thing you should be considering is which color Strat you want in your Squier Value pack.

EDIT: The Value Pack comes with a Fender Frontman 15G. Even better!
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Epiphone G-400 SG may work for you, as far as I know it's only like 350.

edit: oops, didn't fully read the other posts. If you're budget is THAT low, it's probably worth it just to save more money and buy your guitar/amp later.
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line 6 has some great features on their amps ....
spider 3 used would be affordable
spider 4 has smart harmony and i think loop features (don't hold me to that) ( i think the small amp is like 80 - 100 $$)

pod (line 6 PC amp) 100 bucks lets you record and gives you a bunch of tones you can pick from... plus you can upgrade your tones for like 20 bucks...

for the guitar i would say buy a USED one... especially if your on any type of budget... you can always save your money and buy a NEW 700 - 1500 $$ guitar down the road
no reason to get a new one now IMO (just be sure to take the used one to a guitar tech. and it should be great)