I got this really nice eko ranger 6 that was given to my mother quite a while back but since she doesn't play as much any more, I kinda adopted it as my own, and really enjoy it. I'd love to use it for gigs and stuff but have no idea what are the best pickups to put on it, like one that goes inside the sound hole or across it? Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm also on a bit of a budget so affordable suggestions would be awesome too


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Take a look into some Dean Markley pick-ups. You can usually find a decent enough one for around $50. Although there is always the option of having one permanently installed, which can cost a bit more (but usually sounds much better).
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I got one of the Dean Markley pick ups that go across the sound hole. It works great but feels really awkward. Maybe its just me but if I were to do it over Id probly save my 60 bucks towards having one of the permament ones installed.
What will you be using to amplify the signal from the guitar?

Can you give us a rough budget?

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The best inexpensive and convenient pick-up would be the Dean Markleys. They have a single coil and humbucker that goes right in the soundhole, no drilling or guitar modification is needed. A lot of people around here have them and swear by them. I think brand new they are anywhere from 30-50 bucks.
As well as providing information on your budget, how often will you be using the electronics? Knowing this really changes the kind of system that I would suggest.
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