i just bought a schecter diamond series special and i LOVE it but the action is alittle to low to were i get some buzz on the lower frets so i am wanting to know how to properly raise the action.

also the pickup are alittle high for my taste so i am wanting to know how to lower them also
If it's way lower, like the first or second fret, you need a new nut.
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i'm not sure what you mean but maybe i can explain what i mean better.
when i play the 2nd get low E string i get a slight buzz on the 12th fret low E string
You should be able to adjust your bridge to adjust the action. This youtube video talks about that. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZfuP4yLesG0

As for lowering/raising your pickups, there should be a screw that is exactly center with the pickup on both the left and right sides of the pickup. Get a screwdriver and tighten to lower the height of the pickup. Or loosen the screw to raise it. Be careful, btw; if you lower it too much, you could affect the tone of your guitar. Also, usually, the factory settings for your pickup are set to get the best optimal tone.
thanks for the info about the pickup,i didnt know that,i will probablt just try and get use to them.in the video that guitar has a completly different bridge than mine so it didnt really help any but still thanks for trying