This is a Work in Progress. With the music it kind of has a radiohead-esq feel to it, but different at the same time. It has alot of instrumental parts aswell. The "chorus" part is sung by a female.

Things I Can’t Understand-

Cream white skin, you’re soft as sin
You’re morphing my brain from think to thin
Oh, With you’re eyes, trapped the sun inside
Leaving me hanging, swinging side to side
Please cut me down, and show me how
To figure this out, to figure out now
If my mind’s been made, if my time’s been saved
Over a year a ago when this road was paved

You always
Leave me
Wanting more

Back length hair, so thick not bare
You’re leaving me curling, smelling the air
With you’re locks of brown, You’ve broke me down
You’ve made me shiver, you’ve made me drown
In you’re ocean eyes, in you’re river beds
In the depths of you’re mind, where I’ve lost my head
If I’ve swam before, If I’ve seen these floors
Let me somehow stand higher than the water

You always
Leave me
Wanting more

My mind has been taken by boredom and substance
If this is all, then this is appropriate sustenance