I'd like to pick up my first electric guitar. I've been playing acoustic for a little while now and I'm sure that I'd like to play for a long time. I'm looking to spend around $1000, no more than $1200 and I just don't know where to start. I like all kinds of music, and as such, would like the guitar I purchase to be pretty versatile. I've read so much information on this subject I feel like me head's going to explode.

I've been leaning towards Gibson but I'd just like to hear some others opinions.

Here's a few that have really caught my attention...

Gibson Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar

ESP LTD EC-1000 FR Electric Guitar

ESP Standard Series Eclipse II

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What kind of amp are you using? Or do you have an amp?
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The $1200 is just for the guitar. I currently have a Roland Cube 30X for the apartment that I live in. I plan on purchasing something bigger around the same time that I purchase the new guitar but regardless I have $1200 to spend on the guitar.
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what will you be playing?
is your budget including an amp aswell?

Like I said I love all kinds of music and as such, would like to be able to play all kinds of music... The more versatile the guitar is the better...
the gibson is probably a better choice than the esp's, but if you can find one with seymour duncan's get that
i was in the same situation as you...
Gibson is the way to go...
just stay away from the fadeds
But you need a really good amp to let that guitar shine
If your lucky you could find a used Gibson LP Classic for about $1200 on your local craigslist or ebay. Or maybe a Fender Deluxe Strat for about 1k used. And last, you can always get a new Fender Standard Tele/Strat/Jag. Those are 5 great guitars in your budget (from what Ive played anyways). Just make sure on the strat its a HSS. Much more versatile.
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If you want actives go for the Eclipse, if you want passives you cant go wrong with the Gibson. Also look on craigslist and ebay because I often see PRS CE 22's going for that price.
I wouldn't suggest buying a guitar with active pickups. They won't sound very good through a 30 watt solid state amp.
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I own a studio....as long as youre careful, and find one that plays good and is built well, it'll be one of the best instruments you own.
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I'd say try to get a used Gibson LP Studio for say $800, and use the other $400 for a better amp.