Hi there,

I'm new to the forum. Just a quick question....I own a Takamine EF341C and I have an acoustic gig coming up (we're mainly an electric band)

Now my query is that the action is very low and there is a lot of buzzing on most stings and pretty much most of the frets. I have tightened the truss road and it is a little better but still not right. The guitar has been fine for a few years but just recently is has started doing this, I have just fitted new strings and it is still the same.

Any suggestions on how to cure this?

You would want to loosen it, not tighten it. Do it about an 1/8 of a turn or less at a time, let it settle maybe 15 , 30 minutes. Then try again , if you got buzz loosen it some more.

Sometimes weather on my guitar will make the neck expand or vise versa and I have to compensate for it. Maybe why it began to begin with.

Did you change strings by chance, maybe another gauge?
Ok I'll try loosing the truss road and leaving it a while. Where I store it is quite a hot room, would it be better to store it somewhere cooler?

Also I changed the strings with the same gauge that have been on the guitar since new.
Even when you loosen it and let it set for 15, 30 minutes over night it will still settle. This is why you want to do it is small increments. Another words if you go to far in loosing the first time it will still settle overnight and make your action even higher. I have had to readjust a couple of times while getting the knack down for it.

I would advice putting it in a cooler place, thou as long as it isn't blistering hot all it will do it affect the wood expanding and vise versa. If it is TOO hot , your glue will give way.

What I do is when I loosen my truss rod.... I leave just a VERY slight buzz, ( like a hard strum ) usually by morning, it is gone.