Sup everybody! So my bandmates and I just changed our name and made a Youtube account. We have a bunch of live footage, over half of our original material (which is a lot considering we're almost ready to record our first album).

Here's the link: http://www.youtube.com/user/ForgingUtopiaBand#p/u

Our first album is gonna be a semi-concept album (in that some of the songs are part of the same story, and the other songs can be seen as part of that story but aren't directly related to each other and work fine on their own), and as a result, a lot of songs have musical references to each other and stuff like that. If you wanna just browse our stuff however you please that's perfectly fine, but if you have time to kill and are willing to listen to it in order you'll get a lot more out of it. Those references are meant to make the listeners crap themselves with amazement, but that won't really happen if you listen to the reference before the original riff that it's supposed to remind you of. So if you have time to waste listening to our stuff the "proper" way ( ), the songs should go in this order:
1. The Author's Soliloquy
2. Overture to Armageddon (part of the same vid)
3. Agony and Atonement (vid also has another version of The Author's Soliloquy first)
4. The Killing Game
5. Divine Right
6. At the Mountains of Madness
7. Titanomachy (split into two parts for Youtube because it's fourteen minutes long)

But if you're only gonna listen to one song, make it Titanomachy.

tl;dr - power/prog metal band, almost an entire semi-concept album written, no really good quality studio recordings but a bunch of live footage.

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