Okay, so i am trying to develop my awareness of chords around the neck, so i am taking autumn leaves, and transposing it into several keys, that i can move around: so far i have

1st key Cm7 F9 A#maj7 D#maj7 Am7(b5) D9 Gm7 C9
2nd key Fm7 A#9 D#maj7 G#maj7 Dm7(b5) G9 Cm7 Cm7

now, the G to the C is 7 sharp keys higher, but i dont know what to go to next: i thought of Gm7 C9 Fmaj7 A#maj7 Em7(b5) A9 Dm7 Dm7 which is 2 sharps higher, but in terms of musical theorey, it dosent fit in logically

what would be a good key to change to next?

thank you =]
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I don't understand what you're asking...

Although you can transpose it into any key - just match up the chords to the new key.
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