i have a new song i've been working on, and as soon as i had it i knew it probably wasn't in my usual 4/4. unfortunately, now i have to make a drum track for it and i still have no clue what time it's in. i've tried 3/4 and 6/4 as well as 4/4, and none seem to fit perfectly. i've also tried messing with the bpm, but to no avail.

i'm sure this will end up being really stupid and simple to someone with more knowledge on these things than me, but since i have such little knowledge of music theory i think it would be easier to just ask for help as to what time this ones in. its on my profile, its just a 10 second guitar clip. also a rough estimate of the BPM would be nice but not at all necessary

the clip is called me = timing noob.
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Pretty sure that's just 3/4. 6/8 works too and makes a little more sense.
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