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What are little things you do to make your day (or life) more enjoyable? This can be anything from having a cup of tea in the morning to having your cigarettes at work or jacking off.

I try to laugh as often as possible, no matter how silly or little the situation is (when appropriate of course )
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Breathing is pretty important to me and sometimes I jack off in class.
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Lots of tea, nicotine and music.

A bit of THC and alcohol helps too.
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Play guitar or look up gear in between lectures. Or treat myself to something from starbucks
listening to music and jacking off.. nuff said
one day you will wish you had done a little evil, for a greater good
coffee, always looking at the clock at 12:34, take a nap when i get back from work
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I think about how I want to structure out my practice, keeps me going. Repeating things in my head like intervals, notes, modes, chord progressions etc helps.

Also, it helps to consciously decide to not let things like traffic or assholes bug you. Its hard, you have to talk yourself out of the anger sometimes, but after awhile it becomes second nature.

**** that "STAY POSITIVE" bs, you have to learn how to take joy out of life where you can. Staying positive doesn't make anything better, you just have a sunny outlook while you're getting f'd.
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Music, Coffee, making lots of lists (I think about things so thoroughly that afterwards I sometimes think I have already done them, I have to make lists so that I remember what I have actually done and not just what I have thought about doing - a problem I inherited from my dad)
During the vacation it's pretty much lots of nicotine and caffeine. Gaming helps, but I've lost the ability to play games for hours on end.
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walking up in the hills, drawing patterns in gold pen, hot milk and honey before bed
now extra flamey
Heavy drinking.
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guitar, skateboarding, internets, chickenz, occasional drug use.
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- Music, every time I go anywhere alone I have loud music playing on my iPhone
- Coffee, lots of it (but only when I'm at work, never at home)
- A good breakfast in the morning
- Regularly checking a personal list of various websites (UG, news, video games, nerdy stuff)

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Pulling elaborate pranks on my cat.

Gets me through the day.

I've got to ask, how do you prank a cat?

I go to the gym, chat to mates a fair bit and either play guitar or wish I were rich so I could buy everything.
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Usually just having a bottle of pop, I try to make it something like Pepsi max as much as possible because there are less calories and sugar than in stuff like Dr.Pepper (which I used to drink everyday), it's just one of those things I feel weird without doing at least once.
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I've got to ask, how do you prank a cat?

Make it watch one of those videos that makes you turn the volume up and then something jumps out and scares you.

I got it SO good.
Caffeine, nicotine, THC and alcohol.

Part of my balanced diet.
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Glancing at the clock every 8 to 13 minutes and exclaiming out loud "Only _____ more hours until I'm off work!"

This, except it's all said in my head.
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Tobacco, specifically cigarettes. Be able to have that five minutes alone with nothing but my thoughts really helps. Actually, give me about five minutes, it's about that time again.......
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I quit smoking again.

I have nothing now. NOTHING!

Oh wait.. Sunflower seeds.
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contemplating atomic structure.

Pfft... all that'll achieve is a downward spiral into depression. I had to see a psychiatrist after too much cosmology, too little social interaction... The divine is a truly beautiful f*cker.

As for now: I mainly spend my days smoking in my office and drinking so much coffee that I have a regular micro-heart-attack at 11am on the dot. Normally a bit of marmite licked off the back of a spoon and another cup of coffee sorts me out though
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Pfft... all that'll achieve is a downward spiral into depression. I had to see a psychiatrist after too much cosmology, too little social interaction... The divine is a truly beautiful f*cker.

Aye, but contemplating physics is much less depressing than contemplating the mind of a woman. When I'm confused by my wife or another female, I think about physics and realize, "you know... life isn't that crazy. It would be if Hillary had won... but she didn't... so life isn't that crazy."
I have a horrible mtn dew addiction. I now have gone without dew for three days (i have no money to buy it with) and i'm unhappy about it. Mtn dew helps me get through the day. when the opportunity arises, i will drink in excess of 3 liters per day. its awful, but i neeed it to get through the day.
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Listening to music is the main one and also having some sort of fizzy drink.
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fapping actually and playing my DS
your insane, but reasonable
I drink about a gallon of tea every day.

Think of that next time you are not allowed to laugh.
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Listening to music, lurking a few forums, fapping, listening to music, eating, playing PSP.



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I'm gonna need specific instructions again on how to properly dance with my pants on my head.
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First you put your pants on your head.
Second you dance.
Third you wipe off all the pussy.
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"Playing" music in my head. I have a vivid imagination so it's almost like wearing headphones. I can hear my favorite songs ANYWHERE!!
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