first time showing any of my projects in here, but I decided it's time to show some of my guitars that I've just recently finished.

1. Heeviflygari (translation = HeeeavyFlyingV)

The neck and the body are order through a group order from Sunsmile, the same company that basicly makes the bodies and necks for Epiphone etc. The main idea in this guitar was to construct a brutal metal machine, that can be tuned down to B without loosing the string tension and without loosing any of the fast playability of a Flying V.

And for those who haven't heard about Tesla pickups, I can seriously recommend their active pickups, you won't be disappointed.


- Bolt-On neck, with an all access joint
- 25,5" scale
- Nearly all black hardware
- Wilkison EZ-tuners
- Tesla AH-2 set
- Vol, Tone and a 3-way switch
- "MADE IN USSR" -plate

2. Bluessi (translation = Bluesss)

Neck and the body orderd from the same place as before. Semihollow guitar body, with a guilted maple top(looks amazing). I'm really sorry that I don't have a better camera at the moment, so the pictures really don't do justice for guilted maple top. :/ And also that I've used black stain through out the whole guitar.

The guitar has a Tesla VR, vintage set which is a perfect choice for a semihollow guitar. When I plug in this guitar and turn up the volume, I can instantly sense the blues mojo in this thing, and when I play those few first chords, the feeling is just something amazing. And because the humbuckers are splittable, I can get those twangy tele sounds out real easily.


- Set-In Neck
- 24,75" Scale
- Black hardware
- Wilkinson WJ-07 Tuners
- Tesla VR-Nitro set
- Vol, Push/Pull Tone and a 3-way switch

Still under construction MetalDeluxeTele and MoreTraditionalFlyingV, I'll be adding those in here as soon as their ready. (Sorry for any typos in the text.)
Pretty sweet, dude
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Wayyyyy too many effects pedals...

Couldn't wait to show you guys my last guitar for the summer. Still need to oil the neck and do the electronics. This is my so called a bit more traditional flying v.


- Set-In Neck
- 24,75" Scale
- Black hardware
- Wilkinson WJ-07 Tuners
- Tesla AH-1 set
- Vol, Tone, Tone and a 3-way switch
nice. too bad the pieces of the last one didnt take the stain all the same way..
Holy crap, the white V is one of the nicest I have ever seen.
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Yeap, the staining didn't go as well as I would have hoped, but still it has a unique look that's for sure.

And thanks for the comments.
Yeah they do. We've found some epiphone branded pickups and hardware on the guitar building kits and also in some of the finished guitar that can also be bought from them.
Finally finished the last two guitars that were my summer projects. I hope you enjoy them.

Flygari (Flying-V)

- Set-in neck
- 24,75" Scale
- Black hardware
- Wilkisonin tuners
- Tesla Plasma 2 -pickups, in chrome
- Master Volume, Tone Neck, Tone Bridge, 3-way, split neck and split bridge



- Bolt-On neck
- 25,5" scale
- Almost all black hardware
- Wilkisonin tuners
- Teslan Vr-3 -pickups
- Vol Neck, Split Neck, Tone Neck, Vol Bridge, Split Bridge Tone Bridge ja 3-way

Wow, those guitars look amazing! I love the finishes on both of them, and the tele headstock is a really cool shape. What kind of wood did you use for them?


Thanks for the compliment.

The Flying-V is made of mahogany. Both neck and the body, the fretboard is just basic rosewood, nothing fancy there. The body and the headstock are stained lightly with the green and than sprayed with lacquer.

The neck is oiled from front and back. (Super smooth to play ^^) Can't stand the feeling of lacquered or painted neck when playing.

The tele has a Alder body and a maple neck with a maple fretboard. The body and the headstock where suppose to be plain black at first, but had to many black guitars already, so I decided to make it a bit different. Kind of lazy mans twirl. Painted by hand, and then just lacquered in the end.

Same thing here with the neck as in the Flying-V. Only oil in the fretboard and the back of the neck.
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