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This is a question I'm asking because I was thinking today that whilst I am increasingly liberal, my family is pretty right-wing and conservative.

I'm going to take a guess and say that this is the case for a lot of the Pit.

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I'm not big into politics and neither is my family so I don't really know. I do not share their religious views though.


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Yeah, for the most part. We're all pretty 'practical socialists' if you know what I mean.
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We are all lefties, some more than others.

This. Half of my family is affiliated to the communist party.
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The extreme conservative douchebag party...nope, I don't. At the most I sometimes agree with them on economic issues.
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I thought you were conservative? I swear you change every time it gets mentioned...

Anywho, I believe I share most political views with my parents. Some are slightly different as they are Christian and I'm not.

That's just her in general though...

OT: My mum is a Christian, but she's very Liberal. My Dad is....actually let's not go there.

Either way, I pretty much have the same political views as my Mum, but not the same religious ones.
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Yes, but I don't believe what I believe because of my parents.
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my mother is somewhat lefty as is my dad, but my dad is more libertarian than my mother and I'm further left and libertarian than both.
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Well, my pops. He's so left, that he comes out on the other side, underneath it all.
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Not really, my Dad is of the view that anyone who's ever commited a crime should be shot and probably wouldn't need to change a lot of his views to be a pro-BNP spokes person. My Mom isn't really like that, she does have some traditional views but she's more live and let live like I am. So I guess I share some ideals with my Mom but i'm more leftwing and libetarian than she is.
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Yes, but I don't believe what I believe because of my parents.

This. My parents and I share political views, but they never preached them to me. They just taught me common sense, responsibility, compassion, and fairness, and our political views aligned because of that.
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well my best friend's mom is a pretty big fan of Rush Limbaugh...

get it? Rush?


but i'm closer to the center than my parents.

Damn you, I saw the word Rush and got overexcited...
I try not to take sides, but rather pick what I believe in for the appropriate situation.

However, I would have to say that im rather lefty.

My dad is pretty conservative, so we do end up getting in arguements occasionally. The main thing is about military requirement in WW2 and about the death penalty.
Not really. Don't think so, at least. I think they're fairly centre left, and I'm left-of-left-of-left-of centre. But I spend a lot of time in Guardianista mode, so I can relate pretty easily. Only discuss it with Dad.
I couldn't care less. My step dad is so far up his own arse about his political beliefs and everyone else's are WRONG if they aren't the same. No questions asked.
My family are all fairly left wing, I'd say I was also pretty left wing but probably slightly more liberal than them
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I often get into arguments with my conservative grandparents in particular. with the whole thing about Raoul Moat, I got into more arguments about gun control/guns/armed police etc. with my anti-gun grandmother than I've ever had with anyone.
I'm kind of liberal, my dad is very moderate and understanding of both "sides" (political parties are cutting these states in two) and my mom really doesn't care, although mom's side is very republican and my dad came from sort of democrat families.
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I am conservative... I cant stand left wing economics. Keyens Vs Hayek... FREE MARKET HAYEK ALL THE WAY!!!
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my mom actually cares, whereas I really don't. she likes to rant on about various shit, but I never pay attention to what she's saying.
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I am conservative... I cant stand left wing economics. Keyens Vs Hayek... FREE MARKET HAYEK ALL THE WAY!!!

Keyens, eh? Well, you must mean someone I've never heard of, because Keynes is a good little capitalist.
I take after my uncle in terms of politics.
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We're conservative, but it is my own decision. Not because of my parents. Although, I tend to go toward the presidential candidate I feel would be best for the country regardless of their party. When it came down to McCain and Obama, I leaned more toward Obama because I figured McCain is the same as Bush and would die in office and leave us stuck with Palin *shivers*.
My parents refuse to tell me what their views are. Personally I wouldn't have it any other way.
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My dad is extremely left wing, I'm left wing too, but not as much.
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My Mum and Dad strangely mix between the two; it's all very confusing.

For example: My Mum is pretty conventional in terms of her lifestyle - school, work, married, kids, whereas my Dad is more encouraging of my ambition to eventually travel (as he has bummed around before)

However, my Dad is also more right-wing with some of his views. Agrees with the death penalty and things, whereas my Mum is more left-wing and disagrees a lot with what he says.

It's also strange that although both my parents are from working class backgrounds, the one who became a teacher (my Mum) is more liberal, whereas the one who remains a low-paid worker (my Dad) is more conservative.

EDIT: oh, and I am a big soft liberal
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I'm a bit more left wing and liberal.
My mom tends to give out some very conservative or a bit racist comments,even though its not her usual view,as she views herself as kinda left wing
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You're increasingly liberal like I'm increasingly regular.

I'm a bit more liberal than my dad. I'm a lot more liberal than my mother was.
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My parents are both Democrats (my mom is more socially liberal while my dad is very fiscally liberal while being rather socially conservative). I guess you could call my mom a mainstream liberal, and my dad would probably even out to be a moderate? They both consistently vote Democrat, though.

My parents are both first-generation Democrats. My dad's parents (one is dead, and the other is too old and demented to be a part of politics) were both very conservative, and my mom's parents..... Well, my maternal grandfather believes every single thing Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck say. I swear, the man must jack off to Bill O'Reilly. My grandfather believes that the public schools are actively teaching kids to be gay. My grandmother is kinda socially liberalish (she's sympathetic to gays because my mom's favorite cousin, her nephew, is gay), but fiscally conservative.

It seems that I have inherited the liberal sides of both of my parents. I am very liberal.

EDIT: I'm quite confident that my ideology would not change if my parents' ideologies were different. I get in arguments about social issues (mainly immigration) with my dad all the time.
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I used to be center-right, after years I'm center-left like most of my family. Imo political views are a mix of heritage, received bringing up and one's own reflections about politics. Considering that we all are half the same as our mothers/fathers it's not that hard to share with them some thoughts about the world.
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