Check them out and tell me what you think guys

I think there's a little bit of level issues that need sorted but I'll let you decide

C4C as always
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I think the music in both "Taste of Shiva & Revoking Skies" are 5 star awesome, but for me "Im kinda old school" the metalcore "possessed" type of lyrics kinda ruin it...
Good work though.
Taste of Shiva - Very good feel to this one. I agree with SGT. above, I don't think the lyrics suit the piece. Then again, with such a good voice and audio mixing, I wasn't really paying attention to the lyrics. A good piece overall, kind of catchy - 9/10

Revoking Skies - Really heavy stuff here, good production. I wouldn't listen to this in my free time, but it's alright... bit crazy! haha

Keep it up! Great mixing, and cool songs