Hey everyone, I just finished a new track. This time I got my friend Ed Rick to record drums for it, no more Ezdrummer

This is an uplifting instrumental with clean guitars and piano, please check it out and let me know what you think. Any and all feedback is appreciated, and leave a link to your stuff if you would like me to check it out!

Dang, man. Very well done! Sound quality and mix is top-notch. The guitar that comes in around 1:40 could use some more reverb, but other than that, everything sounds fantastic. Like the pan flute, quite an unusual instrument for me to hear, at least. I can't really say anything bad about this one, nice work!
Loved it dude, the mix quality was great and sounded perfect. Really calming and I enjoyed it a lot. The guitar tone was also sounded awesome. I really don't know what to say man.. but I definitely had a good time listening to it. Keep it up!
****ing great. I loved his drum sounds. Is this mastered or just mixed? I really enjoy how the piano sticks out above the rest when it should, but it melds perfectly with the pan flute. I'm a bit curious as to why you used piano with the guitar at some points -- was it to make it more punchy? It feels like the electric guitar could've, as an alternative, bit a bit dirtier. Tell your friend I love the sounds he gets from his toms and the way he images his kit.

favorite part: the drum run into 1 minute and the piano part that follows

least favorite: obviously, this is fantastic. I honestly can't say I can offer anything that isn't subjective or people wouldn't universally agree on. But it would've been cool to put the same filter you put in the beginning over a part in the middle.

Anyways, thanks for the crit, and awesome work. By far the best quality in composition, performance, and recording I've heard on UG. Ever.
Hi, sorry for the late reply...

This is really cool - Nice, relaxed sort of mood and the tone on the guitar is perfect for putting this across. What do you use to record? And was this done in a studio?

It always seems to develop throughout, which is great - The main melody is very catchy, I like how you reintroduce it towards the end to sort of round things off a bit.

Piano and guitar work nicely together, and the wind instrument that enters at 2.45 is a nice addition. Perfect for capturing the feel of the composition

Love the drums too, fills are great - and the main beat is very interesting to listen to

Keep it up!
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Is this mastered or just mixed? I'm a bit curious as to why you used piano with the guitar at some points -- was it to make it more punchy?

Thanks a lot for your feedback dude!! I let my friend know that you liked his drums! We both appreciate you taking the time to check out the song! I mixed the track in Reaper, and then I mastered it in Wavelab. You're right on about the piano, that was something I started doing a long time ago and I always liked how it sounded together with clean guitar.

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What do you use to record? And was this done in a studio?

I really appreciate your crit! Thank you for checking out the track and giving nice feedback!! I recorded with my computer and a USB interface. The acoustic guitar was mic'd, the electric guitars were all direct in, and the piano and pan flute were done as midi through Reason. I did everything at home, but I took my computer to a studio to record the drums. We used the same interface, and recorded live on a set of Roland V-Drums using direct in.
Me likey! It was tight as man's anus, as Borat would say. Excellent melodies, excellent drumming, excellent choíce of instruments, excellent mixing, excellent ending. It all sounded very professional, clean and refreshing. Music of this kind tend to feel cheesy, to me atleast, but you balanced it perfectly, no cheesiness whatsoever. And I liked the video too Nice stuff! c4c? It's some kind of prog rock (and I'm speaking about cheesiness )/pop with hints of electronica...

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Reviewing as I listen. Wow man, when I first clicked on this I was thinking how hard it would be to be both uplifting and relaxing, but you nailed it. Everything is here, the mood/vibe of the song is as I said very good, the guitar/piano work is also impressive and provides really good melody and movement in the song, and lastly the rhythm of the drummer is really nice. Also your ability to blend the guitars and piano is fantastic, its almost like there is just one hybrid instrument playing. The "flute" sort of section was a nice break from the traditional sound you had used up to that point.

Also the pictures you had on here were ridiculous. This whole experience was a major jizz in the pants.

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