so, i was think about this i saw the products listed below ( i know some of it sucks, but i'm not focusing on that per say)




i was wondering, could i just slap a connector between the Distortion Pedal and the Power amp to make a (CHEAP) amp head substitute?
i was thinking the pedal could work kinda like a preamp. WOULD THIS WORK?????
CONSTRUCTIVE criticism only please
i dont see why it wont work]
althout considering your going to be paying about 400 dollars fer everything here
you could probably get a decent combo amp for a bit more
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ya. but it will sound pretty bad. but that's basically what the 44 caliber is for.
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It could work. it won't sound by any means great, but it could be usable as a recording or practice rig thats too loud for your own good or really either of those purposes, but it could work.