for a while i played a lot of acoustic solos and songs in alternate tunings. but slowly i started getting back to like arrangements in drop d. and finally im back to standard.

i just want to play some more and get better before tackling some of the harder stuff back in alternate tunings.

so anyone know some nice harder songs in standard. they don't have to be solos just with good acoustic guitar. i've been playing a little mraz, mayer, and just learned minor incident by badly drawn boy. if anyone knows any songs with that type of bass to it would be great, but im open to just about anything.
look up some neil young.
Hes a flat picker but his songs range in difficulty from beginner to hard. If your playing harder mraz you should be able to handle it. He has some cool bass runs on his acoustic songs.
harder mraz?

to be honest, i like him, but i don't know like any of his songs or john mayer. i just learned to play the ones everyone knows.

what are the harder songs by him?