A song off of a little something I'm doing right now. As the title suggests, this is part of a larger something, the third part, actually


Recorded with an Agile 8-string, Gearbox, Slate Drums and a no-name bass.

Crit 4 crit!

Vocals aren't done yet, these are just "placeholder" vocals to give an idea what the melody sounds like.

Tomorrow, I'm taking my recording equipment to the basement to rock this bitch up
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I'm really liking the feel of this. The mixing is a little weird (the cymbals seem to be too much "there" in what I think is the chorus... maybe give them less attack if you can and lower the level), but only in a few ways. Mostly, it's a very nice mix! I have nothing bad to say about it musically, maybe only that the ending is a little repetitive, but it still works quite well. Keep it up!

C4C? Link is in my sig. It's "Broken".