Currently I have a Vox AD50VT 212, and which is canny sweet if you ask me. However, I want to step it up a lil, and i'm thinking of buying a Blackstar HT-5S (mini stack). Im just wondering for those who have got one, or who have owned one, what its like, features/functions, good points, bad points etc. Just general info towards the amp basically.

Thanks, Jamie.
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Used to own one,

i'd advise getting the head with a different cab, preferably a 12" speaker cab!

it's drive channel is very nice, maybe a boost (ts9?) for heavy metal but it has alot of gain whats useable..

clean channel is ok, but not amazing...

in the 5w tube amps its very good, obviously not loads of headroom but it is only 5w!

whats your budget?
there maybe something better for you..
I wouldn't replace one practice amp with another practice amp.

Just saying.
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