I posted in the drum programming/sampler thread, but didn't get any responses.

Does anybody know of any free drum samples I can use that will sound decent? My band wants to get a demo done (not to sell, but basically just to prove we exist....), and can't afford to properly record drums, so, as the drummer, I'm working on making the beats on the computer. I've got Reaper and Shortcircuit (I got Shortcircuit because it was advised by a tutorial that I ended up not being able to follow because the samples were no longer available :/ ), and I'd like to make something that sounds at least moderately realistic. What would you recommend?
See that you're using Reaper; you get a drum machine VST, load up the samples and program with button input or in a matrix.

I don't actually know what the deal is with drumming VSTs because I use DAWs with built in drum programming capabilities (Reason and Renoise).

There is a good post in here about realistic drum programming if you want it.
Well, what's the easiest way I can do this for free, and still get passable results? Like I said, this isn't something we're planning on selling, but we'd like to make a good impression.
The ReaSamplomatic 5000 plugin plays a specified sample under MIDI control and is featured in a magazine I have that has an article about making music for free.

You can then use the ReaComp (Compression) and ReaEQ to make the drums stand out. There are bound to be tutorials on the net on how to use them.

Those things should be somewhere in Reaper to my knowledge.
Do I need an actual MIDI controller to do that? Like, anything outside of the setup of a normal computer?
Alright, I'm starting to figure out the program, and how to do all this. However, I can't say I'm a fan of those samples; are there any specific ones out of all the ones in the file that you recommend?
Well I don't know what sound you're going for, but as with most free stuff you'll probably have to do some slight EQing.

Layering is pretty important for thickening the sound as well. For example, get two bass drum samples with one having a good low end and another with a bit more middle, maybe add a slight bit of reverb etc. Drum programming is usually pretty time consuming....

Just looking in the acoustic kit, layering acousti1s snare 2 and snare 5 give a decent thick sound (you might have to mess with volume of each one). If you add some reverb with a dry/wet setting of about 1/4 you'll get the thick sound with a small bit of resonance. And don't forget that you can add all sorts of DSP effects to it as well, like distortion or bitcrushing (for lo-fi sound) etc.
I guess I'd assumed that most of them would already be layered and such.... guess I've got some work to do.