may or may not be gone for 3 weeks. If so, be good S&L.

Bring Abraham Lincoln to the cross
he's been regarded as messiah for far too long.
I'll wash my hands of his death.
We can tack his tophat above him
for that sort of self-indulgance is certainly a crime.

You see,
we as humans have a policy to uphold:
we must crucify those who are morally useful
and keep the divas around.
Like it matey.

My favourite line is the last/last two.
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The last stanza is so straightforward, and normally I would complain about that, but you made it work here. The brevity of this works wonderfully as well. As a whole it just...works.

You don't get enough credit 'round here, methinks.

Have fun doing whatever you may or may not be doing for the next three weeks.
Today I feel electric grey
I hope tomorrow, neon black