I just moved to a new town a couple of months ago, and I was wondering how to find band members. School doesn't start for about a month and a half, so that's not an option. Any tips?
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Craiglist and other internet resources. Open mic nights. Local concerts. Music clubs.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
We probably ought to have a sticky on this. I just looked but there are lots of threads in the archives you could browse through. If this thread takes off with lots of people contributing ideas I could write it up as an article for here or the columns. Don't forget there are want ads for musicians on this site.

School is still a good start. If everyone is on holiday then people won't be around much.

Finding band mates is like trying to find someone to fix your car or whatever. it's just about networking. Everyone in the planet is linked to everyone else in 7 steps (or is it 6) this is the small planet hypothesis. Each of us knows roughly a thousand people and each of these knows another thousand..... Amongst your thousand there will be a few people who are hyperlinked, they are linked to more people than most and bridge the gaps across the world. That's the theory anyway.

You need to reach out to find new links in this new town. They may not be the musicians but they may know who the musicians are. You improve your chances by hanging out where musicians hang out. Hence AlanHB's advice. Go and listen to as many local bands as possible, talk to them and ask their advice. If there is a guitar shop then this is great, buy a few strings or picks or something and get talking to the owner/assistant. I'll bet they have a board for cards/wants/ads. If you can, try to perform as a solo act, then people will know you are serious and if you have talent they will notice. I've never played a gig without someone talking to me who turns out to be a musician. Certainly in the UK there is an unofficial musicians union and it is really supportive.

Be flexible about what you are prepared to play. You may be the best rock guitarist in the 'States but don't turn down the chance to play a bit of rhythm for a country band if you get the chance of that first. You can take up other offers as they come and no musical experience is ever wasted.

Good luck
Make some flyers and stick them at a place where lots of people pass. Good luck
a site called joinmyband.com is bloody brilliant. It's more active in bigger cities but it's really really useful. The band i'm in now won't stop going on about how they found me five minutes after posting an advert.
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Guitarist #1: I met him at a gig in town, I came to see my friends and he came to see some local band.
We talked about stuff (I usually pop up the metal t-shirt talk...), eventually I asked him if he plays an instrument and he said he plays guitar and we formed a band.

Drummer: After swtiching drummers like crazy, I asked a freind of mine from school...
At first I thought that thrash metal is ain't his style, but he's great ever since he got serious into it...

Guitarist #2 & Singer: Guitarist #1 suggested me an old time friend of him, he said that he's better that him, so... I gave up on the guitar spot and took the bass spot.
This guy became the singer after my attempts to sing in rehearsals (although people told me that I sang great at our first gig...), we let him sing once, he was OK, so he took the job...
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