My name is David Chau 18 years old.. just graduated from GCVI , I live in Guelph Ontario. Ive been playing guitar for about 2 years..Im decent at it and can learn more. My band right now isnt doing to well because people arent dedicated for practices
I am rythm/Vocals..my Drummer dose not have a drum kit atm but he is very good. He is getting a job atm to buy one.
Lead guitar player. we might kick out..

So we are looking for, bass player, Lead guitarist, screamer.

Bring me the horizon
Asking Alexandria
We came as Romans
Bless the Fall

PS. I work with the lead singer/guitarist from the Guelph band Farewell To Freeway.
He is willing to get us gigs/shows in Guelph when we need them.. always good to have hook ups

If interested post. or email me at david_chau_11@hotmail.com