I normally play Ernie Ball Regular slinkys .10 guage but i'm looking at getting some GHS boomers .10 maybe .11 guage strings or some Ernie ball power slinkys .11
What strings do you use?
Donnell McKnignt
In before D'Addario fanboys.

I use EBs. 10s on my Gibby and 9s on my Ibanez.
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I have .9-.42 (Super slinkies) on my Jackson DKMG.
I really like the feel of hybrid slinkies, on normal bridges. (.9 - .46)
Really depend on what my music store has in stock lol.
Its always either Daddario, GHS, or SITs though
I'm not exactly a D'Addario fanboy, but I love the EXL115s (11-49) I have on my Strat.
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