Vox need some more reverb and the level needs to go down a little.

Are those real drums? the kick sounds funny to me.

Not bad as a whole.
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The EQ on the kick could use its treble turned down, thats the weird thing you're hearing. Are you using acoustic drums and, if so, what size is your bass drum, does it have a cut-out, and is there any padding on the inside to deaden the vibrations? The vocals sound really good, there are parts where I think you should add harmonies... It sounds really cool.

Wanna listen to this? Its a cover, and its notably softer. Its acoustic!
Thanks guys...with the advent of technology I think it's impractical and ridiculous to use real drums anymore unless a label is paying for it, if I'm sitting in my dining room DFH or Superior works just fine. I'll do some tweaking on that bass drum and see what happens. I appreciate the crit, I'll post something in your thread in a moment
i agree the bass drum could have the treb rolled down a little. i really liked the vocals, idk what your smoking man =D. some vocal harmonies would be a nice final touch.

cool song overall though!
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