I presume the two point tremolo on the Fender Standard would give me the same tuning issues as a Floyd?

I have a vintage trem on my HW1, but I have a Schaller FR on another guitar. Worst $235 I ever spent. I hate that freaking thing!

I understand about blocking and the rest. I'm just making sure and I felt like asking.
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It's nothing like a Floyd. The advantages and disadvantages of a Floyd come from the locking saddles and the fact it is almost always recessed; the Fender two-stud bridges are non-recessed and aren't locking. The only difference between the Fender two-stud bridges and the regular 6-screw bridges is the two-stud design means there is less friction and less places where the bridge and posts can bind, meaning you get smoother movement and better tuning stability.
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Thanks for the response. That puts a Standard back in the running.
Water which is too pure has no fish - Ts'ai Ken T'an